Daily Specials
Thursday December 1

All sandwich specials served with  choice of fries or chips & dill  pickle

Soup & sandwich
Hearty turkey ,veg. & rice / Grilled cheese 
(Cup or Bowl)


Pizza Special
Cowbells hand tossed 12 inch cheese pizza topped with baby spinach , grilled chicken & goat cheese 


Roast beef sandwich
Cowbells thin sliced medium rare roast beef with shredded iceberg lettuce , sliced tomato , Bermuda onion, Swiss cheese  & creamy horseradish sauce on a toasted onion 
bulky roll


Pastrami & Swiss sub
Lean sliced pastrami with deli mustard , diced pickles & melted Swiss cheese on a French sub roll


Pasta & Meatball plate 
Spaghetti topped with two large meatballs , fresh marinara & parmesan cheese . Served with French bread & butter 


Chicken salad blt wrap
Homemade chicken salad with lettuce , tomato & crispy bacon on choice of wrap


Apple pie pancakes 
Three  buttermilk pancakes  stuffed with sliced 
apples , cinnamon & nutmeg . Served with maple syrup & butter 


Tuna melt
Tuna salad with American cheese & sliced tomato on grilled sour dough 


Focaccia maple BLT
Toasted focaccia bread with American cheese , lettuce , tomato, crispy bacon & Vermont maple aioli